When it comes to finding a lawyer, more and more consumers are turning to online searches to gather information and determine which attorney to contact. In an industry that formerly relied on word of mouth to expand, law offices are increasingly able to use online marketing to grow their practice. 


Prospective Clients are Searching for You

79% of consumers that start their search for a lawyer through research begin with internet/online resources. FindLaw U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey in 2014.  Since prospective legal clients are already searching for quality legal representation, it’s time to make sure they can find you.


Showing up in Digital Searches

The SEO tactics behind your law firm’s website help the ranking so that the website is more likely to come up in a Google search. Within each web page, there is an opportunity for back-end optimizing to make sure Google views your website as relevant and quality. This type of website development can be difficult to master without an extensive background in SEO, so we recommend working with a professional agency to optimize the searchability of your website. 

Additionally, there are several online marketing tactics that can help float your law office in front of prospective clients, such as remarketing, pay-per-click, and banner ads. Each of these tactics can be specifically targeted to the type of law you practice by using information directly related to what users are searching for based on the events that they will need representation. 


What are Professional Service Clients Looking for in Online Searches?

Once they get to your website, it’s important to make sure each prospective client sees the right information and knows how to act on it. No  client is identical, but there are some commonalities in a website that signify a strong law office. These impressions offer the incentive of a quality attorney and encourage legal leads to take action.

  • Professionalism: Consumers want to know that you will act professionally, so they will look for a website that exudes professionalism, from the design of the website to the accolades of the lawyers.
  • Convenience: The website should be easy to navigate so that the user can get to all the relevant pages and easily navigate back to the home page. Contact info should always be visible so that the prospective client can take the action whenever they decide they want to learn more. Typically, prospective clients have been through enough, so making the process as easy as possible for them is key.  

The world of online marketing is continually expanding and improving, so an online presence is essential for companies focused on growth. Reach out to Loop Legal if you would like to know more about how these issues impact your operations or learn more about our trusted partners like Triton Commerce .