Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Sues to Stop Sick Time Ordinance

Southwestjournal: Kathleen Harrell-Latham discusses a lawsuit filed to halt implementation of Minneapolis’ new safe and sick time ordinance. View article




Scope & Application Checklist

Is My Business Subject to the St. Paul Earned Sick and Safe Time Ordinance?
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Cybersecurity for Small Business & Startups

Questions to evaluate and reflect on cybersecurity for your business.
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Year-end Checklist

A checklist to prepare for year-end small business.
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Privacy Policy Checklist

Starting a Privacy Policy.
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Starting an Entity Questionnaire

Starting an Entity Questionnaire
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Checklist for Application of MSP ESST Ordinance

Scope and Application Checklist
Earned Sick and Safe Time Ordinance
(eff. 07/01/17)
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